Welcome to the Lynford Woodshop Blog!!

I’m happy to announce the creation of the Lynford Woodshop Blog. This platform serves as a base of information for woodworking students, hobbyists, and woodworking professionals. Topics that I will bring to the table include: furniture building, furniture restoration, finishing techniques, French polishing, prototyping and product development for designers, and basic level woodworking techniques.

As a forewarning to all readers, my disclosure is this: there are many ways to approach a build, problem solve (retro synthesis), and finish furniture. I can only give you my experience, and tell you what has worked for me in the past. This just means I have more experience with a particular skill set and I’ve done a lot of reading on a topic. However, I am merely one person, and I encourage you to read and find teachers nationally and internationally to expand your knowledge base. All of these skills are usually transfereable over time and with effort. Speaking of reading, you need to READ about the topics at hand. I heartily recommend published books, peer reviewed publications, and DVDS over the inter-webs as a source of reliable information. Wherever possible I will mention books from master wood workers and finishers. Look to their accumulated wisdom and enjoy the process! This woodworking adventure is your own, as such it should provide years of intellectual enjoyment and discovery. 🙂

Tiger maple table top with custom walnut butterfly inlay. Lumber was all sourced in Pennsylvania at Groff and Groff, and Irion Lumber.

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