About the Woodshop

We specialize in creating fine custom furniture built exquisitely to our clients specifications, restoration using unparalleled skill and care to bring your treasured pieces back to life, and working with designers and artists to fulfill their unique visions.

Local Lumber

Great furniture starts from great stock. Each piece of hardwood lumber is hand picked one at a time for quality, figure, durability, and strength in function. Local Pennsylvania lumber yards provide rich hardwoods used to create our furniture; and help ensure that —with the proper care— each piece will last a lifetime in your home. Wood selection is a fundamental time honored tradition and skill that is passed down during the training of a fine furniture craftsman. Seasoned furniture builders learn how to identify and choose the best individual boards out of thousands to produce stunning results.


Private instruction is available for those individuals who want to accelerate their learning. Class topics are usually project based and can include: joinery, machine use,  jig making, basic design, hand tool use, finishing, prototyping, and furniture restoration.

Contact the shop for pricing. Limited availability for a select few students.


Reading List:

I recommend the following books to my students as required reading. The authors who wrote them put an incredible amount of hard work and information into them. They also happen to be interesting reads. Woodworking: The Complete Illustrated Guide to Joinery, Gary Rogowski The Art of Japanese Joinery, Kiyosi Seike Chairmaker’s Notebook, Peter Galbert The …

Woodworking Theory and Approach: A beginner’s mindset.

Woodworking as a discipline provides countless hours of fascination and discovery. Its examination of joinery and structural concepts connects us to our past, and lets us learn how modern day infrastructure has echoed those concepts over time. As you proceed to grow your skill sets, it’s important to awaken your observation skills and revel in …